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"I will try to fulfil his trust and belief in me"

The Order of Druids in Ulster

How it all began...........



During 1984 a group of five Rosicrucians, David, Rose, Colin, John and myself, were guided by "Beings" seen and unseen...



...as described by Ben McBrady

"The Old Gaelic Order" came originally from Phoenicia and they were Baal or Sun worshippers.



...a system of philosophic thought?


Martinism is a system of philosophic thought. It is essentially Christic in outlook and the traditions are based chiefly on the works and writings of Martinez Pasqually, Jean Baptiste Willermoz and Louis Claude De Saint Martin. Martinism also perpetuates a sacred system of initiation

Martinez Pasqually received his patent and initiation from his father who received it from Charles Stuart (Bonnie Prince Charlie), who in turn had received it from the Knights Templar. Martinez founded the order of Elus Cohen. Martinez Pasqually initiated, among others, Jean Baptiste Willermoz and Louis Claude De Saint Martin.

Saint Martin was for many years an Elus Cohen, however, he gradually moved away from the technique used by his brothers to achieve their re-integration - a technique that involved ceremonial magic. His personal preferences turned to a search for a more inward means to achieve the same result. He thus developed what is known in Martinist terminology as "The Inner Way" of re-integration

A loose organisation was built around him, formed of people who had received from him a special initiation. After his death his disciples carried on the work. This organisation was known under different names, but more generally as "The Societe Des Inities".

Modern Martinism dates from around 1890 and the creation of "The Martinist Order" by Papus. Among others, Saint-Martin had initiated the Abbe De Lanoue and Chaptal, Compte De Chanteloup. These two brothers transmitted in turn the initiation creating two lines of succession, one leading to Dr Gerard Encausse (Papus) and the other to P. Augustine Chaboseau. Papus and Chaboseau exchanged their initiations due to one unidentified brother in Papus, initiation line, and in 1884 Ordre Martiniste was constituted. In 1893 Ordre Martiniste received the archives and records of Willermoz and the Elus Cohen Temple of Lyons

Martinism grew and spread under the guidance of Papus. He added two degrees before the superior degree to serve as chambers of instruction and probation. The first degree, that of associate is said to come from Cagliostro's Egyptian Masonic Rite and the second degree, that of Mystic, from Willermoz's Knights Beneficent of the Holy City (C.B.C.S).On the death of Papus, the order was soon to become divided.

Bro Charles Detre (Teder) succeeded Papus and under his leadership the order took on a more Masonic outlook. Teder died in 1918 leaving Bro Victor Blanchard as Grand Master Designate. Bro Blanchard declined the Grand Mastership and it was given to Bro Jean Bricand. Bricand took the order even closer to a Masonic basis and many Martinists rejected this. These Martinists gathered under the guidance of Bro Blanchard. In 1934 an International Convention of Martinists was held as Brussels. Bro Blanchard was unanimously elected Universal Sovereign Grand Master and it was decided to call the work, "L' Ordre Martiniste Et Synarchique". This order has operated in an unbroken line since it's formation.

I am a member of Britannic Grand Lodge whose Grand Master is Louis Bentin, Sar Gulion. I received all my initiations from my very good friend Sar Patientius. There are currently only a handful of Martinists in Ireland, but we are actively working to make Matinism grow.

The Order of Druids in Ulster

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